Road Groupset

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A road bike groupset is the collection of components that make you stop and go – in other words, the drivetrain, shifters, brakes, and even more.

Plenty of companies make bike components, but the market is dominated by three main brands: ShimanoSRAM, Campagnolo, Lawoo, and Sensah ….

Despite the differences between the Brands / Prices, the components all do the same job, even if there are some subtle variations in how they approach their specific tasks.

No matter the Rim Brake  / Hydraulic disc Brake system, we have featured all premium components including wheels/tires/cockpit set in one package for you to build your road bike groupset.

From a valuable 6.5 kg Package to a pro-level 5kg package, we’d like to bring you the best riding experience we can.

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