Gravel Groupset

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Choosing the right groupset package for your gravel bike is essential for achieving the desired performance and functionality, given the varied terrain typically encountered in gravel riding.

Here are some considerations when selecting a gravel bike groupset:

  1. Gear Ratios: Gravel riding often involves a mix of on-road and off-road conditions. Consider a wide-range cassette for a versatile gear range that allows you to handle both steep climbs and fast descents comfortably. each of groupset package provide 4*4 options for chainring/cassette gear ratio options.
  2. 1x Drivetrain: Our packages feature 1x (single chainring) drivetrains for simplicity and reduced maintenance, but with 40-46T for your more gear ratio option.
  3. Brakes: Gravel bikes commonly use disc brakes for consistent stopping power in various conditions.  
  4. Shifting System: The shifting system (mechanical or electronic) is a personal preference. Mechanical systems are generally more common and offer simplicity, while electronic systems often provide precise and consistent shifting.
  5. Weight: We offering 2 packages- (7 kg) and (5.5 kg) for your options. While weight may not be the primary concern for gravel bikes compared to road bikes, a lighter groupset can contribute to an overall lighter bike, making it easier to handle in different conditions. 
  6. Tire Clearance: with a 40c width tire, we want you to explore more.


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